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'There is peace even in the storm'

Vincent Van Gogh


Hello, I'm Eve,

I endeavour to create a friendly and safe space for people to learn and explore the art and practice of yoga & mindfulness and offer classes that are accessible to every body, therefore encourage beginners as well as those with more experience to come along and have an exploration.

Practicing yoga does not depend on your age, body type or how flexible you may or may not be.

Anybody can begin yoga at any stage in their life and discover how to tap into their own truth.

I love sharing the practice of yoga & mindfulness with people from all walks of life.

Eve Rose

I am a yoga teacher and masseuse based in Bermondsey offering Gentle Flow & Yin yoga classes as well as a range of bodywork modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point & Antenatal massage. I work locally and across South East London.

You can find me teaching in gyms, studios, offices, community settings as well as natural green spaces, weather permitting!

I organise and teach workshops & retreats in the UK and abroad.

Some words on Yoga

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice, originating in India over 5,000 years ago.

The physical postures (asanas) help us with balance, flexibility, focus, strength, patience and the importance of breath awareness. When we move into more subtle breath work (pranayama), we can continue developing an attitude of mindful attention and see our thoughts for what they are rather than getting caught up in them (easier said than done!)

Breathing more fully and calmly can help us be more present and ease states of anxiety, fear and the overthinking mind.

Yoga may not solve our problems overnight but it does offer us a practical and philosophical system that can aid us in all aspects of our lives, supporting us in the most difficult of times as well as the brighter ones.

Yoga in the Western world has gained hugely in popularity over the last decade as many people are drawn to its teachings, seemingly searching for an experience of inner peace and deeper connection with themselves and the world around.

Yoga Classes

Eve Rose Yoga Bermondsey

Group Classes

Group classes offer a great opportunity to start your yoga journey or to continue deepening your existing practice.

I offer a safe and welcoming space for students to explore, learn and be playful.

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Private Yoga Classes Tower Bridge

Private Yoga Classes

If you are a beginner and the thought of attending a group class is somewhat daunting, then private tuition could be for you.

I will tailor sessions specifically to your needs and hold a safe and relaxing space where you can ask questions and practice entirely at your own pace.

Private tuition can also be beneficial for more experienced students to focus on specific postures and learn more about the many other aspects of yoga including breath work and yogic philosophy.

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Yoga in the Workplace

Bringing yoga to your place of work!

If you work in an office you may not have the time or energy to travel to a studio.

I can travel to you and fit in to your working day.

Yoga at work can allow you to take a break from your daily tasks and create some space to restore and revitalise your mind and body.

It is a wonderful way to break up the day, helping to reduce stress and fatigue.

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Student testimonials

"What I find most extraordinary about Eve's classes is that there is a sense you are allowed to "fail". What that means is that you soon lose any self-consciousness and end up challenging yourself further and as such, you develop and improve at a very consistent rate."

~ Tom, student at The Circle Gym & Spa

"Eve is an extremely professional and approachable yoga teacher. I've been seeing her weekly for about two years for private sessions and it has done absolute wonders for my migraines and general aches and pains."

~ Ayesha, 1:1 student

"There is something special about Eve. I have experienced lots of classes but its Eve's who stands out to me. There is a grace, elegance and kindness to her practice which obviously mirrors her essence in person. I couldn't but be inspired by her warmth and sense of humour."

~ Jacinta, student at Third Space Tower Bridge

"I have been seeing Eve for private yoga sessions to help with my lower back and general lack of flexibility. Eve designed a tailored plan for me to take home and practice and boy did it make a difference! I felt at ease every step of the way, and trusted in her completely. Friendly, accommodating and always with a smile - and very effective at what she does."

~ Dion, student at Chisenhale Dance Studios

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